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Ms C Mortimer-Ford


As an English/Drama teacher I always had a keen interest in the promotion of a lively, aspirational environment for all students and as a result pursued roles within education which allowed me to work on making this a reality. I held SLT roles with a focus on narrowing gaps in achievement in the student population and the development of a robust pastoral care system which supports and challenges both staff and students. Subsequently I was an LA advisory teacher and was awarded funding from the EU to complete my Masters Degree in Education.

Relocating to Somerset with a new family (all 3 of my children have either attended, or are currently at, Huish) and discovering a strange and hitherto unexplored affinity for computing and ICT, I was offered a role delivering curriculum focused training around the use of technology in the classroom on behalf of the LA.

Having broadened this work to a national remit I was employed by a multinational education company, to work with LAs and structure support for teachers around their technology offer. Ten years on I am now UK National Manager with an emphasis on providing the company with a voice representing the needs and expectations of school leaders, teachers and students around our suite of qualifications and the data, resources and training around that. This role is very intense as we work with Government directives which change the way schools operate on a multitude of levels. I will endeavour to use the insight and empathy I have gained to help develop the excellent work already happening at Huish.

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