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We are proud of the outstanding teachers we have here at Huish and the outstanding learning that takes place as a result. Students are taught to be independent learners, problem-solvers, and creative thinkers, preparing themselves for life beyond school as well as for exams. All students follow the same courses in Years 7 and 8. In Year 9, many students begin GCSEs in English, Maths, Science and IT so that they get the maximum opportunity for success. In Year 10 students are able to choose which language they wish to follow and can also choose three subjects from a full range, including vocational courses at our local providers. In the Sixth Form, students are able to choose from a wide range of options and they will be guided onto the courses where they are most interested and where they will achieve maximum success.

We teach students in a way that engages them in their own learning and gives a context for the work. Students are motivated to learn for themselves and demonstrate exceptionally good learning habits. Expectations are high and students meet them.

In KS3 homework is set only in three subjects, Maths, Science and Languages. All other subjects set a rigorous and high quality Extended Learning Task which makes demands of students to bring together skills from across the curriculum

Alternative Curriculum and Revision Programme for Exam Season

Year 11 Revision Guide - Exam Prep Evening 1 - Exam Prep Evening 2

GCSE English Literature Revision GuideĀ 

Geography Physical Revision Booklet

Geography Human Revision Booklet

GCSE Science Revision Timetable

GCSE Geography Parents Evening Handout


KS3 / 4 Learning / Revision / Homework