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English Language

The power of effective communication is the most essential skill any of us can have


This course allows you to explore language in a variety of contexts, and to produce
your own original writing. English Language covers a wide range of topics, from the
history of English and its emergence as a global lingua franca to how writers and
speakers craft and shape their language in order to achieve a particular outcome. You
will study how language use varies by age, gender, locale, status and field, developing
your ability to use and understand the nuances of language for your own benefit.

Course Content and Assessment

A Level
You will study the history and development of the
English Language both within the UK and globally as
well as the ways in which children learn to speak and
write and how language develops in the brain.

Component 1: Language Variation exam 35%. An
exploration of language variation and development.

Component 2: Child Language exam 20%. Spoken
language acquisition and literacy development.

Component 3: Investigating Language exam 25%.
Research and investigation into a chosen topic area
and development of personal language specialism.

Coursework 20%: Crafting Language. The whole
world of language analysis and exploration is open
to you. You select a topic and create a hypothesis to
investigate and complete creative writing in the style
of a particular genre.

Extending Your Experience
We will look for as many audiences as possible for
your own writing. Your language investigation will give
you an opportunity to be as original as you wish. We
are developing a link with Oxford University involving
visiting Professors giving talks on a range of English
Language based topics. The course also has strong links
with entries to the Rotary 'Youth Speaks' competition,
an opportunity to put many of the skills developed
into practice.

Entry Requirements:
Normally, you will be expected to have GCSE English
Language at grade B or higher.
It may sometimes be possible to take this course if you
have GCSE English at grade C.

Where will this Course take me?
If you are planning to go into employment after A levels,
whatever career you plan to take, GCE English Language
will give you an advantage. Employers will understand
that your writing skills are sophisticated and your ability
to think analytically can be applied to any subject. For the
same reasons, A level English Language will be valued by
university admissions tutors in all subjects.

Lead Teachers: Miss A Canham, Mrs S Carpenter, Mrs S Williams

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