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The music technology course is a new innovative course that will allow you to develop your musical knowledge and skills linked to modern technology. The course will make extensive use of the iMac suite, our own recording equipment and facilities. You will have the opportunity to create and record your own music as well as investigating and learning how music technology is developed. This course could lead to a performance course at a music college, a music/music technology or production degree at university or employment in the music industry.

Course content and assessment
Students will study and learn the principles of modern recording, sequencing and production methods along with a technology focussed understanding of popular music styles from 1910 to the present day. Coursework consists of a portfolio of work including a multi track recording, a sequence realised performance and a creative sequenced arrangement. The historical and technical knowledge unit is assessed through a listening exam at the end of the course.

Students will further develop their skills and individual styles as music producers through the production of a coursework portfolio and in examined commentary and production tasks. The A2 portfolio builds on skills acquired in unit 1, and extends these to include a composition task. The examined element of the course consists of aural analysis and technical questions on production styles and techniques and the history of music. It also includes a timed mixing task. AS: 30% exam and 70% coursework A2: 40% exam and 60% coursework..

Extending your experience
Each Music Tech student has access to a Apple Mac Book Pro running Loc Pro 9 both in and out of lessons. A 3m x 3m professional sound isolation booth has recently been installed to enable high quality recordings to be made on site. Students are also able to rehearse using a JamHub silent rehearsal studio and have access to newly-purchased instruments including a Roland electronic drum kit and piano/keyboards. There is also a varied programme of trips and performance opportunities throughout the year.

Entry requirements
5 grade A-C's. A background and interest in music, together with good ICT skills and knowledge of creative and digital technologies are important.

Where will this course take me?
Supports development in the following skills: Creative Musicianship - compose and create musical sequences. Audio Engineering - make accurate, high quality recordings. Musical Understanding - analyse and contextualise recorded music. Candidates often combine this subject with scientific or technological subjects. Many universities now offer specialist degrees in Music Technology and the skills and knowledge acquired at A level feature in many other degrees such as music, media, physics and engineering.

Mr A Brooke

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