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Product Design

"The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before" Neil Gaiman - designer


"The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before", Neil Gaiman – Designer. Throughout the course the design aspect is an integrated process that involves the consideration of human needs which produces a response in the form of a 3D artefact/product. Creative imagination and an understanding of how technology can be used is the key to success. Product Design will help you become a critical and creative thinker. You will become an informed user of products and become a designer and innovator. You will study the design of real artefacts so that you can participate in today's and tomorrow's rapidly changing technological world. Product Design combines well with Maths and Physics where further study in engineering is the aim. Other subjects that complement Product Design are Art, English, Business Studies, ICT and Music.

Course Content and Assessment
A Level
This creative and thought-provoking qualification gives
students the practical skills, theoretical knowledge
and confidence to succeed in a number of careers.
Especially those in the creative industries. They will
investigate historical, social, cultural, environmental
and economic influences on design and technology,
whilst enjoying opportunities to put their learning
in to practice by producing products of their choice.
Students will gain a real understanding of what it
means to be a designer, alongside the knowledge and
skills sought by higher education and employers.
Assessment will be based on a series of Examinations
which make up 50 % of the total marks and
Coursework assessments which make up the remaining

Extending Your Experience
The course is very practical in nature and you will have
the opportunity to study and visit design centres to gain
inspiration. Industrial/factory visits will inform you about
manufacture in the real world.

Entry Requirements:
Ideally you should have previously gained at least a B
grade in Resistant Materials, Product Design, Graphics,
Electronics or Textiles. Students who have a GCSE
grade C in any of the above may also be
considered on an individual basis.

Where will this Course take me?
Studying Product Design can lead you into degree
level product design, both industrial and architectural.
Mechanical and Structural Engineering along with
Furniture Design, Graphical Design and Packaging
Design are also future career paths.

Mr S. Wills

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