Huish Sixth

Sport: Cambridge Technical Level 3

Huish Sixth


Extended Certificate/Foundation Diploma/Diploma

Course Content and Assessment
Extended Certificate – 360 Guided Learning Hours
(GHL) – equivalent to on A level in terms of size.

Mandatory Units
Unit 1: Body systems and the effects of physical
activity (Exam).
Unit 2: Sports coaching and activity leadership.
Unit 3: Sports organisation and development (Exam).
(Over the two years' students will study other units to
complete the 120 GHL).

Foundation Diploma – 540 GHL - equivalent to one
and a half A levels in terms of size.
Mandatory Units
Same as the Extended Certificate with the addition of:
Unit 4: Working safetly in sports, exercise, health and
leisure (Exam).
Unit 11: Physical activity for specific groups.
Over the two years' students will study other units to
complete the 180 GHL.

Diploma – 720 GHL - equivalent to two A levels in
terms of size.
Mandatory Units
Same as the Foundation Diploma.
Over the two years' students will study other units to
complete the 360 GHL.

Additional Units include:
Unit 5 Performance analysis in sport and exercise
Unit 6 Group exercise to music
Unit 7 Improving fitness for sport and physical activity
Unit 8 Organisation of sports events
Unit 10 Biomechanics and movement analysis
Unit 12 Nutrition and diet for sport and exercise
Unit 13 Health and fitness testing for sport and
Unit 17 Sports injuries and rehabilitation
Unit 18 Practical skills in sport and physical activities
Unit 19 Sport and exercise psychology

Each assignment is marked on a 3 point scale:
Distinction; Merit; Pass. A few pupils entered for the
Diploma may be entered for the Foundation Diploma
Award; this depends on progress through the first
year of the course. Further information may be
obtained from the PE Department.

Extending Your Experience
The course encourages you to take an active role in
sport. You could be involved in running tournaments,
visiting primary schools, attending conferences and
using university facilities as well as making use of our
own sports facilities. As an extension to the work, a few
students have trained as lifeguards and are employed by
our Sports Centre. This work can be linked to the Work
Experience Unit in the Upper Sixth course. It is hoped
that other courses may be linked to the leisure activities
in the community. Pupils are encouraged to become
involved in participating in National Governing Body
Coaching and Refereeing Awards.

This course provides a natural progression from BTEC First Certificate and is
organised in a similar way. You will follow a series of sport related units, four units in
Year 12 and a further three units in Year 13. This qualification has been developed
to meet the employment opportunities within the sport and leisure industry.
Some examples of these are Health and Fitness Facilities, Coaching, Teaching,
Personal Training, Health Promotion, Community and Sport Development Officers.
Cambridge Technicals are fully recognised by employers and many universities,
with UCAS points being awarded for each examination.

Entry Requirements:
The minimum entry requirement for Cambridge
Technical Award is five Grade C GCSEs.
Next Steps:
Many pupils use these awards as a means of
accruing UCAS points to obtain university entry or
to be employed within the Leisure Industry.

Mr S. Valente

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