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In Merchant House we are a team who embrace progress in all fields whatever your strength or talent. We are about taking pride in our house and striving to be the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be. Our values spell out ‘PROGRESS’ and are directed towards achieving this for our students.

They encompass:

Our values form the basis for us to send out into the world, well-rounded individuals who have the qualifications and personal attributes to thrive in modern society.

We are the kind house; the aspirational house; the positive house. Our colour is red which fortuitously aligns us with greats such as Gryffindor House and represents the courage and strength we hope for in our students. Our values embody the core aims of the school but also set us apart by having an identity that students can aspire and relate to. Our house mascot was voted for by our new year 7 students; it is an eagle in order to
represent the house values because it was felt that it embodies the qualities of being proud, determined and impressive. The house motto is therefore ‘Progress and Soar’.

We look forward to welcoming all new students to our house!