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A Magical Night of Wizardry

Huish Academy


The phenomenal success of JK Rowling's books about the boy wizard, Harry Potter continues and the books are now being experienced by a new generation of children. On Tuesday 2 February, like many other schools, libraries and book shops around the country, we celebrated these wonderful novels with a Harry Potter Book Night. The Academy Library was transformed into Hogwarts for the evening and filled with magical things (and some extremely gruesome items!) for all the visiting students. As soon as the Witches and Wizards arrived they were invited to try on the Sorting Hat and were allocated to a House Team. They then enjoyed a packed schedule of activities including a 'Potions Hunt', 'Pin the Glasses on Harry Potter,' a quick draw challenge called 'Harry Potter Puzzler,' a game of 'Petrified Potters' and a wand identifying competition. After some well-deserved refreshments (exploding fleas anyone?) a 'Harry Potter Potions Quiz' was held which soon separated the magical folk from the muggles!

Competition was close, but Ravensclaw were the eventual winners and Jodie from Year 11 won a gorgeous illustrated version of 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'. There was also a 'Hunt the Golden Snitch Competition' which was won by Jack from Year 7.

Before leaving, everyone had a whack at the Dementor Pinata and left clutching a goody bag full of Bertie Botts beans and other magical delights.

'The Harry Potter evening was amazing. It was a great success and everyone really enjoyed it! - hopefully we can enjoy a few more occasions similar?' - Phoebe, Year 7

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