Huish Academy

Drama students Year 13 'Transition Tour'


Alongside their Drama and Theatre Studies A Level, Huish Sixth Drama students get the opportunity to work with local charity TakeArt touring with their own performance of Transition. A real life working experience as actors and actresses, Transition is a performance based on the concerns, worries and preconceptions of making the step towards secondary school. The show is a 20 minute tour de force of comedy, which aims to turn those initial fears into mere oblivion.

This year, our seven Year 13s spent three days working with Year 6s in rural communities. Our students took the young pupils on a rollercoaster ride through busied corridors, snippets of lessons and hilarious situations to provide them with answers to some of their concerns about starting a new school. The performance was followed by an interactive 45 minute workshop to boost performance skills and confidence.

Our Year 13s not only created and performed a highly talented show, they also brought an endless enthusiasm and energy to each session. Teaching and inspiring those younger than them in a dynamic, kind and fun fashion. The feedback from pupils and staff was extremely complimentary, a reminder of what fantastic young adults we have at Huish.

An incredible experience for all involved.

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