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Fantastic GCSE results


Following on from the brilliant results reported by Huish Sixth last week, which included yet another of our students going on from Huish Sixth to Oxford University, we are delighted to report that the Academy has once again achieved a great set of GCSE results. Particularly impressive is that 15% of students achieved 8 or more A* and A grades which is 5% more than last year.

With several exam appeals in the pipeline the students and staff at Huish Episcopi Academy have achieved a basics headline rate of 75% of students achieving A*-C in English and mathematics.

A new measure for this year is Progress 8 which looks at the progress of all students from their starting points at the end of Year 6 to their results in Year 11 across a broad range of subjects. Last year our score in this measure was significantly above national expectations and we are delighted that our calculations are predicting that we will once again be significantly above expectations for the progress of all of our students.

English Baccalaureate subjects have also done very well with 39% of students achieving A*-C in English, Mathematics, a Modern Language, a Science and a Humanities subject. These are important since they lead on to highly valued A levels which are increasingly demanded by top universities.

Against a background of the highest grades becoming harder to achieve, once again our students have excelled with 49% of students achieving at least one A* or A grade, over 28% of students achieving 3 or more A* and A grades, almost 20% achieving 5 or more A* and A grades and amazingly 15% of students achieving 8 or more A* and A grades, which is a large increase from last year.

These headline rates are once again likely to place us amongst the best performing schools in Somerset.

Both English and Mathematics have once again achieved very well with English Literature, in particular, securing some superb results with 86% of students achieving A*-C which is their best result ever.

Other top performing subjects include Further Mathematics 97% A*-C, Geography 76% A*-C, French 73%, Statistics 97%, BTEC Media Studies 96% A*-C, Core science 76% A*-C, GCSE PE 73% A*-C and BTEC Sport 87% A*-C.

Expressive Arts have once again performed exceptionally well with Drama at 85% A*-C, Art at 85% A*-C and Music at 100% A*-C. In all of these subjects over 30% of the students achieved an A or A* grade.

Triple award sciences also did well again with Physics, Chemistry and Biology all at 100% A*-C. In all three of these subjects more than 73% of students achieved an A or A* grade.

In terms of individual students there were many, many exceptional achievements. While we are only able to list a small proportion of students who achieved highly, within this particular year group we know that many students have done exceptionally well in terms of the progress they have made towards whatever the grade they have achieved and understand some of the difficult circumstances that they have had to battle against to get the best grades possible. We recognise all of their efforts.

We have seen some exceptional performances and achievement across a wide range of subjects including:

Jodie Mitchell 11A* grades and 1 A grade
Amy Drake 10A* grades and 2 A grades
Piers Ireland 9A* grades and 3 A grades
Rebecca Hubbart 8A* grades, 4 A grades
Lydia Wiltshire 7A* grades, 3 A grades and 2 B grades
Joshua Thorne 7A* grades, 1 Distinction star, 3 A grades and a B grade
Bethan Russell 6A* grades, 5 A grades and a B grade
Eleanor Shakspeare 6A* grades, 6 A grades and 2 B grades
Callum McGregor 5A* grades, 5 A grades and 2 B grades
Sarah Maidment 5A* grades, 5 A grades and 2 B grades
Greg Nesbit 5A* grades, 4 A grades, B grade, C grade and Merit
Emily Murdoch 5A* grades, 6 A grades and a B grade
Dominic Parry 5A* grades, 6 A grades and a B grade
James Richards 5A* grades, 6 A grades and a Merit
Nancy Smart 5A* grades, 6 A grades and B grade
Kieran Cowan 5A* grades, 2 A grades and 5 B grades
Dominic Parry 5A* grades, 6 A grades and a B grade
Samuel Tosh 5A* grades, 5 A grades and a C grade
Ben Whitlock 5A* grades, 4A grades and B grade
Erin Williams 5A* grades, 6 A grades
Milo Wilson-Chalon 5A* grades, 2 A grades and 5 B grades

There are of course many other students with similar grades who could be mentioned and our apologies for not being able to include everyone from what has been an excellent year group.

Principal Andrew Davis commented, "These are fantastic results for what have been a great group of students. They have worked extremely hard and shown huge maturity during their time in Year 11 and are great ambassadors for our academy. We are confident that once the appeals have been completed that the year group will have improved on last year's excellent results and place Huish Episcopi Academy amongst the highest performing schools in Somerset again.

Placed alongside the brilliant A level results from last week, students at Huish Episcopi are really benefitting from having an incredibly dedicated and skilled team of teachers and support staff working with them and are reaping the rewards of the hard work from both students and staff working together. The significant increase in the number of students achieving 8 or more A and A* grades in particular is a phenomenal achievement.

It is a pleasure to be part of such a successful team that celebrates and recognises the hard work of all the students in our care. This is particularly true in the Year 11 receiving their results today since, for many, they have worked really hard to achieve their target grade, whatever that may be, sometimes against really difficult circumstances and so we are immensely proud of what every student has achieved today. It is also fantastic to know that many of them will be coming back to study with us in Huish Sixth. Well done to all of our students."

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