Huish Academy

Mock English Language GCSE


As part of the preparation for the GCSE English Language exam there will be a mock exam of Paper 2 on Wednesday 12 October periods 1 and 2. The exam is 1hr and 45 minutes; students have been focusing on this paper during this half term. Results from the exam will be used to help students target any precise skills that are still under developed. Students have all been given a timing sheet with advice and reminders about the exam which I have attached.

Students know that 50% of the entire GCSE English Language qualification is based on two pieces of extended writing. The writing question for Paper 2 is based on viewpoints such as writing to argue or persuade. Many websites such as BBC Bitesize have punctuation and revision activities.

Please contact either myself, or your child's English teacher, at the school or via during term time, if you would like more information.

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