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Parents' Evening Guidance


Before the Parents' Evening:

  • Take time to talk through your child's review or report as appropriate. Ask them about how they feel they have progressed in each subject area; Where are they making expected or better than expected progress? Why is this? Where are they struggling to make expected progress? What is preventing them from making expected progress?
  • Login into the online booking system to make appointments to see teachers . Ideally you might wish to see all of your child's teachers however you may have to prioritise here as this might not be possible. In which subjects is the gap between expected and actual progress biggest? In which subjects are there issues with attitude to learning? Initially focussing on these subjects would be a good starting point. If you have any issues accessing the online booking system, then please contact the Academy via email at If possible try and leave time between appointments to allow you to move between different rooms in the academy.
  • Think about the questions you will be asking subject teachers on the evening (please see the examples below); appointment slots are only five minutes and it is important that you plan this time effectively.

At the Parents Evening:

  • Arrive in good time; you need to sign in at the academy reception, collect a map, feedback questionnaire and plan your route through the evening.
  • You will have the opportunity to look at examples of your child's work
  • Ask questions, for example:

- What is my child doing well? What are they successful at?
- What does my child need to do better? How can they go about achieving this?
- What, if any are the blocks and barriers to my child's learning and progress?
- Is my child working hard enough in this subject?

  • It is likely that during the evening your child's teachers will share targets and priorities for improvement, note these down so they can be reflected on after the parents' evening.
  • It might be that that you do not get to see all the teachers you wanted to or that you feel that some issues might not have been resolved satisfactorily. If this is the case, please make contact with a member of the senior leadership team at reception who will be able to take your concerns forward.
  • Complete a feedback questionnaire, available at reception; these allow us to identify what we do well and also the areas that you feel we still need to address.
  • At KS3 Parents' Evenings senior staff will be available to show you the mastery curriculum online for each subject on our website which can be matched against your child's report.

After the Parents' Evening:

  • Talk through the evening with your child; do they understand what their teachers are expecting them to do where improvements are necessary?
  • If any issues need to be resolved, please be proactive in supporting your child's learning and progress. For example, if their teachers are concerned about the quality of homework and independent study please check their planner regularly and work with your child to develop and implement a homework timetable. In addition, reading through your child's work will give you an insight to their learning at school and could help support their literacy and confidence.

The guidance can be downloaded here

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