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Going to the London Comic Con this year for me was an incredible experience and I'm sure that if I ask anyone else that went they'll say the same. The sheer size of the venue, along with the diverse variety of modern-pop culture it covered, was almost overwhelming. If you had an interest in any subject ranging from TV to anime, or Asian culture to films, you would have been able to find a section on it.

Picture a massive, warehouse-like section of connected halls, spanning a special guest area at one end to a 'comic village' at the other. In between these (in a density that means you can't look straight down the length of the halls) are arranged hundreds of stalls, all loaded with anything from clothing, gaming tech, foreign foods, to comics, manga or books.
Now place thousands of people, many of whom are dressed in colourful 'it-took-hours-to-assemble' cosplay, milling around the centre. These two descriptions will give you an idea of Comic Con (and that's not including the VidCon hall or any others!) I think most people would struggle to describe the kind of atmosphere that those elements create - for now I'll just label it as AMAZING.

But it wasn't just the amount of merchandise or cosplay that I found most exciting, it was the idea of being able to meet many of the creators behind the creations; be they comic or manga artists, special guests such as directors and actors from major TV series or movies, or even YouTubers. Being able to talk to such people gave me a huge insight into their lives and the whole modern-pop culture and entertainment industry. This made the experience truly unique.

By Bethany (Year 10)

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