Huish Academy

Year 7 students gain Achievement Project


As part of our programme for high achievers, we offer the Achievement Project to a group of Year 7 Lead Learners.

During the last academic year, 15 Year 7 students carried out and completed the Achievement Project which involved them working on individual project over two terms. This project has been accredited by ASDAN and we were delighted this term to present the students with their certificates which recognised their hard work and their fantastic achievement for working at GCSE Level in Year 7.

The projects were very varied:

Toby: An investigation as to what makes the perfect game
Amy: The preparation of natural skin care products
Sophie: Design and making a picture clock
Amy: School in a bag fundraiser
Christian: Hover crafting
Adam: Can I run faster? A diary, film and presentation
Lawrence: My attempt to become a 1500 chess player
Jonny: Design and making of a chair
Ed: Researching and writing a penguin encyclopaedia
Evie: Evie's Cookbook
Lydia: Lip balms and body cream bars
Tom: Animation, how to be successful in Year 7
Will: History website; a timeline
Naomi: Designing and building a guinea pig run
Sam: how to write the perfect fantasy book

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