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Business Studies

“I want to put a ding in the universe” Steve Jobs


The aim of this course is to bring a "real life element" of the business environment into the classroom. It offers an excellent opportunity to learn about key business theories and apply them to a range of national and international organisations. This qualification builds a solid knowledge and understanding of current issues and business practices

  • Unit 1: Introduction to a small business worth 25%
    In this unit you will be introduced to the world of small businesses and will look at what makes someone a successful business person. You will find out how to develop an idea and spot an opportunity, and turn that into a successful business. You will understand how to make a business effective and manage money well. You will also see how the world around us affects small businesses and all the people involved.
  • Unit 2: Investigating a small business worth 25%
    This is a practical unit which is assessed internally and moderated externally. In the unit, you will complete a controlled assessed brief set by the exam board which is intended to broaden and enhance your understanding of business. You will also learn to reflect critically on your own project work
  • Unit 3: Building a business worth 50%
    This unit builds on Units 1 and 2 and looks at the key issues to develop understanding of life in medium- and large- sized businesses. The unit incorporates external factors such the environment and ethical behaviour, as well as marketing and people management.

A wide range of businesses will be investigated each term to help bring the theory alive. Over the past year, external visits to Silverstone, Chelsea Football Club, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and Jaguar Land Rover have enabled students to engage with a range of businesses by talking to tour guides, managers and employees about how different business functions operate.

External speakers are invited in to school to discuss business management and to spend time with students completing a range of activities to develop essential personal skills – e.g. presentation, communication and problem-solving skills, ability to work in teams and interview techniques.

During the Autumn term of year 10, students work in groups to complete a project for the Coca-Cola Real Business Challenge, a national competition that requires students to research and develop an original product. Team Elate, a group of current year 10 students, progressed through to the regional finals in February and were one of only ten teams selected from over 850 in the South West which is a fantastic achievement.

Shelley Swaine

We all come into contact with businesses, whether they're global, national or local on a daily basis. Watching adverts on TV or social media, deciding what products to buy in a supermarket or watching the news about world economies, the world of Business Studies affects our lives without most of us even realising it.

After studying International Business Management at Bournemouth University and gaining a management position in a rapidly growing national business, I enjoyed the job and the variety it provided but it didn't provide the challenge I expected. After being told by my colleagues that my patience, creativity, optimism and love of learning meant I'd make an great teacher, everything suddenly made sense - and I haven't looked back after 11 years.

Within my teaching role, I feel it's incredibly important to provide all students with the opportunity to gain real-life experiences of businesses by offering the chances to meet people from the world of business to share their insights and knowledge of their business expertise, as well as visit a range of private and public limited companies so students can apply their theory knowledge learnt within the classroom environment.

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