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Child Development

Our children are our future


Course Aims
GCSE Child Development provides pupils with the opportunities to extend and apply their skills knowledge and understanding of children from conception to the age of 5 years. The course provides opportunities for pupils to develop their critical thinking and to manage a range of resources suited to the needs of individuals and families and to recognise the influence of current trends, the market economy and technological change.

Curriculum Content
Child Development is an exciting and varied course which teaches pupils all about children from conception to the age of 5 years. We study the miracle of conception and the stages of pregnancy with all that this involves for the mother and baby. We look at types of birth and how to look after a new born baby from breast or bottle feeding through the stages of weaning to the eating of solids. We study child safety both around the home as well as health-wise with vaccination.

Then pupils study the four areas of development that a child goes through including their physical, intellectual, emotional and social development including the value of play.

This is an excellent course for pupils who are considering a career in nursing, midwifery, psychology, paediatric nursing, teaching, nursery nursing or if they just love children.


  • Child Study (Year 10) – 30%
  • Board Prescribed Task (Year 11) – 30%
  • Examination (Year 11) – 40%

Homework Tasks
Homework is set regularly in Child Development. Homework is handed in the next lesson, (which will usually be the following week); it is marked as soon as possible after this and returned to the pupils with positive and constructive comments. During the pregnancy topic there are the choices of homework available from a takeaway menu to allow students to opportunity of choosing the task and applying a topic to it.

Extra Curriculum
Infant and baby 1st Aid provided by the Academy's school nurse.
Trip to South West Childcare and Education Exhibition, Exeter

Case Study – Year 11 students
"I like the fact that there is a combination of project work and a written exam for the assessment."
"The (real-care) babies were great! They really make you appreciate how demanding it is to care for a baby."
"Child development isn't like any other subject. You get to observe young children and apply what you have learned in class."


Two Year 10 students who took the real care babies home for the night to experience the impact babies can have on your life.

Mrs Chohdri

My name is Lisa Chohdri. My husband and I moved to Somerset 5 years ago after our four children flew the nest. I have been teaching RE, citizenship and World Studies at the Academy since 2010 but originally qualified as a Nursery Nurse in 1998 and have a wealth of experience of working with young children. I really enjoy the Child Development GCSE course because it is very well balanced between theory and practical and gives students a great foundation for their futures; whether this is professional or personal.

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