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“The ode lives upon the ideal, the epic upon the grandiose, the drama upon the real” Victor Hugo


Welcome to the Drama department at Huish Episcopi where we bring a thriving and dynamic performance culture to an academy which has a rich and diverse arts provision. We have been able with the help of our committed staff and pupils to create some enigmatic and large scale musicals over the last year ranging from "We will rock you, Les Miserable and our current project; Guys and Dolls" Additional performance experience, showcases and trips play a huge role in allowing the pupils to gain first-hand experience in a forever changing art form. We have been fortunate enough to watch a range of theatre companies over the last few years, ranging from Filter companies "Twelfth night", Frantic Assemblies "Othello" Kneehigh's "Tristen and Ysuelt and Handspring's "Warhorse" all of which have enriched our theatrical knowledge and passion for the subject. Over the last 3 years we have seen a 30% increase in our A*-C grades at GCSE, with this year achieving 95.6% with over 40% attaining an A*-A grade. Due to the increase in Drama and Theatre studies we have had our first set of GCE grades this year with a success rate of 88% A-C with 45% achieving an A grade. Overall the Drama department has an ethos of excellence, inclusivity, challenge and most of all fun.

Key Stage 3
Drama is taught to all students in years 7, 8 and 9. Within lessons students explore a whole range of genres, learning numerous techniques, styles and skills. Students work in pairs, ensembles, whole classes and individually to create and perform a range of dance, physical theatre, scripts and devised work. Over the last two years we have provided students with opportunities to work alongside some of the UKs most talented theatre companies such as Frantic Assembly, China Plate and Maxwell Golden, in challenging and engaging workshops. Further to this offer our students school trips to see contemporary and renowned live shows. KS3 Drama aims to give our students a diverse, interesting and exciting introduction to the world of theatre and performance as well as the opportunity to develop important life skills.

Drama GCSE
Course Overview: The course is split into three units of study. Unit 1: Exploring and devising; pupils will explore a theme, focusing on Dramatic conventions and mediums to generate discussion, exploration and analytical response Unit 2: Exploration of a complete play text;" pupils will explore the themes, plot and characters in detail, generating an appreciation for the playwrights craft and the numerous forms of interpretation. Unit 3: Performance; pupils will be directed in a complete play text in preparation for a live audience.

Drama is accredited as an academic subject which is rigorous and thorough in its approach to analysing and contextualising theatrical experience. Due to the diverse range of transferable skills which the course offers, employers and universities are praising Drama students for their ability to develop self-awareness, confidence, public speaking, team work and collaborative skills. Although we sometimes take these skills for granted, due to the nature of the course, the pupils will develop an acute awareness of what it takes to be an excellent orator.

Mr Jones

I have a thirst for theatre and everything Dramatic. I am very privileged to be able to combine my two passions of theatre and education on a daily basis, and work with some very inspiring young people. I studied in Nottingham, working alongside the performance and live art and Contemporary arts degrees, which gave me an excellent understanding of Theatre History, devising trends, applied theatre and audience participatory involvement. I was lucky enough to be involved in some exciting venues during and after my degree, especially Nottingham's EXPO, an invitation Arts festival which brings together current artists over a week to present their practices to a wide selection of audience members. As well as performing and devising, one of my biggest passions is directing and in 2013, I was awarded the "Pheobe Rees Trophy" for best director for a touring production of Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot". I am currently writing a play called "Transitions" which looks at the progression from primary school to secondary and the challenges which young people can face. The play is commissioned by TakeArt, a Somerset Arts organisation which brings exciting work to rural dimensions.

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