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Key Stage 3
Course Overview We choose our topics carefully and organise our studies into enquiries based on key questions. We believe this structure helps students to become independent learners as it encourages an investigative approach where they do the thinking! Our programme of study is organised in a broadly chronological structure from 1066 – the Present Day.

History GCSE
Course Overview Students will study 4 units:

  1. A development study on Medicine and Public Health in Britain c50AD to the present day including topics such as: How did cows help prevent Smallpox? How did people try to stay clean and healthy in Roman Britain? How did the work of Watson and Crick change the world?
  2. A Controlled Assessment on Civil rights and protest in the USA 1945–70 including topics such as: Why did the Montgomery Bus Boycott succeed? Why should we remember the 'Little Rock Nine'? Did President Kennedy bring about any change in the lives of African Americans? Was the Black Power Party a threat to US security?
  3. A depth study on the American West c1845–c1890 including topics such as: How did the Plains Indians survive on the plains? Who were the cowboys and what was their impact? How lawless was the West?
  4. A source enquiry on the Transformation of Surgery c1845–c1918 including topics such as Just how dangerous was surgery in the early 19th century? How did smelly sewers lead to improvements in surgery?

Tracey Maxwell

Mrs Maxwell is a vastly experienced head of subject who has worked at the academy for many years. She continues to observe the fascination that History holds for many of our students. Mrs Maxwell teaches across all key stages and has a particular interest in topics that show the power of ordinary people such as the English Civil War, the US Civil Rights Movement, and the French and Russian revolutions. When not teaching, Mrs Maxwell enjoys reading and holidays in France.

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