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"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music" Aldous Huxley


The music staff and visiting music tutors at Huish Episcopi Academy are enthusiastic professionals who continually strive to provide Huish students with the best possible music education. The Huish Music Department offer a broad range of instrumental and vocal tuition as well as running an extensive extra curricular programme in order to enable every student to fulfil their musical portential.

Extra curricular activities extend to a Key Stage 3 choir, Senior Acapella choir, Orchestra, Jazz ensemble, Taiko Drumming Group, String group and a wind ensemble. These ensembles perform regularly throughout the year both within and beyond the Academy and have taken part in numerous community events and festivals. Click here to see the current timetable of extra-curricular activities.

The Music Department also collaborate regularly with the drama department to produce and annual Musical which, in 2013 was 'We Will Rock You', in 2014 was 'Les Mis', in 2015 was 'Guys and Dolls' and in 2016 is planned to be 'West Side Story'.

Instrumental Tuition
All students at Huish Academy can access instrumental and vocal lessons through the school. We have over 7 visiting instrumental tutors offering lessons in guitar, bass, drums, piano, violin, flute, clarinet, saxophone, voice and trumpet. Application letters can be downloaded here (pdf)

Academic Courses
Music is taught to all students in years 7, 8 and 9. In lesson time, students develop their performing, composing and listening skills by working in ensembles, pairs and by themselves. They create and perform soundscapes, songs, films music, dance music and cover versions to name a few. Instrumental resources range from keyboards and djembes to Imac computers running Sibelius and Logic. For an overview of the current schemes of learning, please click here.

The GCSE course allows students to develop as both a composer and performer as well as developing their understanding of a range of styles of music. They also develop their music technology skills to help in the composition process. The specification can be found here:

Examples of compositing coursework by past and present GCSE music students can be found here.

Examples of performance coursework by past and present GCSE music students can be found here.

BTEC first award in Music
This course follows the Edexcel Music BTEC Frist Award specification.

It is a highly practical course aimed at students with a love performance, an enthusiasm for Music Technology, and a keen interest in the workings of the music industry. At Key Stage 4, Huish students learn how to operate Logic Pro and have access to a suite of 28 Imacs as well as a recording studio. BTEC music students present an annual concert. Click here to see photos of this years event.

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