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Philosophy and Ethics

“We can’t do without philosophy, since everything has it’s hidden meaning which we must know” Maxim Gorky


Philosophy and Ethics GCSE
Course Overview OCR offers the opportunity to explore the 'big' issues from the perspective of up to three world religions. Philosophy 1 Belief about deity (Does God exist? What are miracles? What is God like?); Religious and spiritual experience (What's the point of prayer? Why do people meditate? Does food matter in religion?); The end of life (What happens when we die? Do we have souls?) Philosophy 2 Good and evil (Why do we suffer if God loves us? How should we behave?; Reason and revelation (Does God appear to us? Are holy books important?); Religion and Science (How did we get here? Does it matter how we treat animals and the planet?) Ethics 1 Relationships (What are the 'rights' and 'wrongs' of marriage, divorce, homosexuality, sex, contraception and the different roles of men and women?); Medical ethics (What is the big deal about abortion, fertility treatment, euthanasia and animal testing?); Poverty and wealth (Are the poor our problem? Should religious people be rich? Does it matter how we earn our money?) Ethics 2 Peace and justice (Can wars ever be 'right'? Is violence an option? Is the death penalty fair? How should we treat criminals?); Equality (What do religions have to say about racism and sexism? Do religions tolerate other faiths?); The media (How does the media influence us? How do the media portray religion? How do religions use the media? Should we be free to say what we want?)

Progression Routes
As daily media reports show, religion is at once both a force for global co-operation and conflict.

Studying religion helps you become better informed about the contemporary world and to understand a range of world views and lifestyles, particularly important in a multi-cultural community.

A qualification in this subject can be useful if you are thinking of pursuing a career in media, law or social welfare.

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