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Whatever your level of fitness, we offer a wide range of fitness classes and courses to suit your needs. All classes are instructor led, and enable you to have fun and enjoyment while working on strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

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What Class is For You

Fitness Classes



Huish Leisure delivers a wide range of fitness classes designed to suit all fitness levels:

Spinning: An intense cardio vascular work-out on static bikes. Spinning covers sprints, hill climbs and mixed terrain work-outs. The class is a fantastic way to increase both heart rate and blood flow. You control your resistance, the instructor controls the pace

Lift and Pump: This class provides a variety of barbell and dumbbell exercises, set to music, that will get the pulse rate up and give you a full body workout. As we age, muscle strength becomes increasingly important as it offers protection against conditions such as osteoporosis. You control the weights you lift. Your instructor controls the muscle groups you exercise.

Circuits: A tried and tested favourite. Circuits offer an intense cardio-vascular workout in short intervals of different aerobic exercise as well as resistance exercises for muscular endurance.

Ladies Fitness: Exactly what is says on the tin! Ladies Fitness isn't just one style of fitness; each week is different and can have a variety of classes merged together. One minute you can be lifting weights and another you can be doing an aerobic routine. Whatever you are doing it's a great way to work out and have fun

Zumba: An engaging cardio-vascular work-out set to music. Fast, fun and funky, if you love dancing and music, then Zumba is the class for you.

Kettlebells: Unlike a dumbbell or barbell, the kettlebells centre of mass is offset from the handle. This means the weight constantly pulls against your hand and requires not only strength and co-ordination, but also the use of the other muscles through your arms, shoulders and your core stabiliser muscles. You use around 600 muscles in a workout and exercise your cardiovascular system, too – it's definitely a total body workout! Not ideal for anyone pregnant or anyone with a history of back injuries.

Pilates: Ideal for those wishing to improve flexibility, exercise smaller muscle groups and improve core strength. It also puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance.

H.I.I.T.: Our HIIT training sessions is regarded as one of the most boundary hitting, wall smashing workout available. Using a variety of equipment this class will target a full body workout through an intense, varied programme. Bring a towel!

Triathlon Training: Continuously improve on all 3 disciplines as well as learning the ins and outs of transition. You will need to bring kit for everything and expect to do anything. Please note that through the winter, there will be no cycle or running training. Additional equipment may be necessary, please talk to the coach for more information. 

Workout Well Dance: A friendly, gentle dance and movement based exercise session set to a variety of music including classical, jazz and popular hits from the past. In this class you will work on simple dance and movement phrases that will improve stamina, flexibility and balance, whilst challenging your co-ordination

Workout Well Circuits: A gentle and fun exercise session, with welcoming and friendly group of people, suitable for all abilities. This class comprises of 'stations' where we work on cardiovascular stamina and maintaining muscle tone using bodyweight exercises and simple equipment.

Pure Stretch: These classes are designed to be light hearted stimulating and interactive. Pure Stretch will improve flexibility, develop core strength and add more balance to your fitness routine. They are choreographed in such a way that all levels of fitness can attend and enjoy!

Tone & Abs: This class is a full body workout focusing on toning and conditioning those key muscle areas with special attention to the core. It is the perfect class for boosting fitness, looking after the bones and joints and increasing core strength.

Men On Mats: This new class is based on a Pure Stretch but designed for men. These classes will improve flexibility, develop core strength and add more balance to your fitness routine. They are choreographed in such a way that all levels of fitness can attend and enjoy and specific to men!

Spin Circuits: Combines the intense cardiovascular workout of the cycling and the varied resistance exercises of a classic circuits class. It is a fun twist on the well-known Spinning classes and will give you an all over body workout too!

Adult Badminton: Drop in badminton coaching for all abilities. If you want to get back into badminton or fancy starting it then these sessions will be ideal! You receive coaching, plenty of game time and a great social atmosphere.

SOSA Dance Fitness: Combines elements of Latin, Ballroom, Salsa & numerous other International Dance styles brought together to create one fantastic fusion of dance fitness. The class is specifically choreographed to be low impact and suitable for all shapes, sizes, ages & abilities.

Hi Lo Aerobics: Choose your own level. Suitable for beginners or the more experienced. Aimed at toning the body, using a variety of styles from dance, to aerobics and weights to give the whole body a workout.

Yoga: This class will draw on many yogic traditions and practices to increase wellbeing; mind, body and soul. Prepare to be stretched, strengthened and de-stressed! With focus on realigning and balancing the body for improved body function. The class is accessible to all with modifications offered. Practices include postures, breath awareness, meditation and relaxation. 

PiYo Live: Sweat, stretch, and strengthen in one low-impact, body-sculpting workout. Specifically choreographed with cardio, Pilates and Yoga based elements for a full body workout.

Aqua Fit - A fun low impact workout suitable for all. Focuses on aerobic exercises using water as resistance to tone and strengthen.

Deep Water Aqua Fit - Non-impact challenging aerobic routines with the use of flotation belt (supplied) for support in the deep water. Suitable for all fitness levels but you need to be confident in deep water and be able to swim out of your depth.

Aqua Zumba - Combines Zumba rhythm and dance steps in water suitable for all. It offers a fun water based, body toning workout.