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Huish Sixth


As an Academy we believe in developing rounded individuals who are not only academically successful but who also have opportunities to develop other key skills, such as leadership, teamwork and communication which will give them the edge when it comes to future challenges. This is a key principle within Huish Sixth where both employment and university places depend on being able to rise above the rest. We believe in offering "results plus" so that great academic outcomes alongside a host of memorable learning experiences combine to produce an individual student with great attributes such as aspiration, leadership, empathy and confidence alongside fantastic academic achievements.

In addition to the great learning and social environment we are able to offer a highly experienced team of teachers and support staff with a great track record of achieving the very best results possible for students.

With approximately 215 students we believe that Huish Sixth is large enough to offer a very broad curriculum to meet a wide range of abilities supported by a huge number of artistic, sporting and other enrichment opportunities. Equally though Huish Sixth is small enough to get to know students as people, to understand their aspirations and educational needs so that we can ensure they get a personalised package of challenge and support.

Within Huish Sixth overall progress and achievement is overseen by Mr Roger Madge, Director of Huish Sixth who is very ably assisted by Mrs Heather Grace, our Progress Leader for Post-16 students who reviews the tracking data we produce every half term on students to make sure students stay on target. If problems arise then Mrs Grace will work with our Post-16 Student Support Worker, Mrs Nicky Carter to establish an action plan for improvement and some extra support during study periods. If required we can also bring in other experts such as Mrs Vivienne Vaughan, who may work with students on specific literacy skills or Mrs Rita Peasland who is our lead learner coordinator. Within Huish Sixth we also have Mrs Emma Higman who also offers independent careers advice and guidance.

All students are also part of a small tutor group and will have assemblies as a year group together to look at a range of issues from careers to personal, Social and Health Education. Our specialist team of tutors also mentor students on a regular basis to ensure that every one of their tutors is on track.

Additional support is also provided by tutors and other staff, including Mrs Vaughan, on developing personal statements and applications for universities and jobs respectively.

Overall we believe these support systems are part of what makes Huish Sixth such a special place to study since, due to the optimal size of our Sixth Form we can offer a very personalised service and pick up any problems very early.