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Improvement Plan & Raising Achievement Strategies

For a copy of the Huish Episcopi Raising Achievement Plan 2017 please click here.

As an Academy we are constantly reviewing our achievements and working on ways to further improve the educational experience of our students both in terms of academic results and memorable learning experiences which develop a more rounded individual.

As an organisation we have developed a five year plan which was initially drawn up by the Directors but has then gone through a consultation period with staff.

This longer term plan focusses on ensuring that every individual is inspired, supported and challenged to be better than they ever thought they could be. Over the next five years the Directors have agreed that we will be: focussing on ensuring exceptional teaching throughout the Academy; working with our partner primary schools to develop an inspirational curriculum; expanding the horizons of learners through memorable learning experiences which are as accessible as possible; further developing provision for our local community and developing more formal strategic partnerships with other educational providers to share and develop best practice.

A key part of this long term plan is the Academy Improvement Plan which is reviewed and adjust every year in the light of results and feedback from a variety of groups across the school including parents and students.

The key priorities which we believe will once again lead to great outcomes for students for this year are:

  1. Continuing to develop consistently great teaching across the Academy by concentrating on active learning and literacy skills
  2. Delivering high levels of achievement by holding regular focussed meetings to concentrate on supporting individual students who are then supported by effective interventions if they are in danger of underperforming. This applies equally across Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and in Huish Sixth
  3. Working closely with our primary schools to deliver a new Key Stage 3 curriculum in September 2016 for Year 7 underpinned by a new assessment schedule which reflects the idea of deep learning for students. In the Sixth Form we are implementing new A levels but are also retaining a 4 AS choice at Year 12 to offer more breadth for learners –we will of course also offer a 3 A level route
  4. Ensuring all students are kept safe by strengthening our provision for an understanding of what Britishness is alongside additional safeguarding training for staff to identify students who may be at risk of being exposed to extremism. We are also developing a brand new rewards system which will be based on line.
  5. Developing strong leadership at all levels of the school from team leaders through to the Board of Trustees which provides both support and challenge
  6. Continuing to develop the facilities and resources at the Academy to provide an outstanding student experience both academically and socially.

By implementing these strategies we believe that we can continue to build on recent results which have seen the Academy produce great results at both Key Stage 4 and Post-16. I hope this letter reassures you that we are not resting on our laurels but are totally committed to ensuring a world class educational experience for your child.

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