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Information Sessions for Parents, Guardians, Carers and School Staff 2021/22

Venue for all sessions: H1, Huish Sixth Form, Huish Episcopi Academy, Langport, TA10 9SS.

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Behaviour Management Techniques

With Family Solutions Somerset

Monday, 24th January at 6:30pm, estimated end time 8pm


A whistle stop tour of some parenting techniques and strategies to use with your children aged 2-18.

We will be looking at the following principles that underpin all areas of parenting (and relationships) whatever the age.

  • Emotion Coaching, being able to label our emotions- CBT/Behaviour Curve
  • Showing empathy not sympathy
  • Attention – children will seek any kind of attention – good or bad
  • Ignoring behaviours we want to see less of
  • Specific praise… labelled
  • Social Learning Theory – new behaviours can be learnt by observing and imitating others (bandura)
  • Use of rewards – after the event (bribes come before), smart and cheap

The session will be fully collaborative, and we will be open to conversations and listening to your own techniques which have been successful.

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Growth Mindset

SCC Educational Psychologist

31st January 2022 at 6:30pm, estimated end time 8pm


The beliefs children have about intelligence, effort, and struggle impact the choices they make about learning.  Children with a fixed mindset believe that intelligence is fixed at birth and doesn’t change with practice.  They see school as a place where abilities are evaluated and they interpret mistakes are a sign that they lack talent. 

This session will help you help your child/ren to develop a growth mindset believing that intelligence can be developed. These students see school as a place to develop their abilities and think of challenges as opportunities to grow.

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Dyslexia Awareness

With Mark Long, SCC Lead Advisory Teacher

Monday, 28th February 2022

Starting at 6:30pm, estimated end time 8pm


Dyslexia is a learning difference that affects 1 in 10 people. Individuals with dyslexia often find it challenging to develop reading and spelling fluency and can also have difficulty with remembering verbal instructions and learning sequences such as the alphabet, days of the week and times table facts.

This session provides an introduction to dyslexia. It explains why children with dyslexia can find reading, spelling and writing so challenging and describes strategies that can be used to help children improve in these areas.

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Online Safety & Social Media

With Amy Brittan, SCC Education Technology Advisor

14th March 2022 at 6:30pm, estimated end time 8pm


New technologies inspire children to be creative, communicate and learn.  But with the digital world changing all the time, how can you make sure your child’s staying safe?

This session will provide parents/guardians/carers with information to support their children to enjoy technology safely and responsibly.  You will have the opportunity to think about what you want to do to protect your family and to equip them for their future.

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