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The Academy curriculum aims to provide opportunities for all pupils to learn and to achieve.

It will build on pupils' strengths, interests and experiences and develop their confidence in their capacity to learn and work independently and collaboratively. It will equip them with the essential learning skills of literacy, numeracy and information and communication technology, and promote an enquiring mind and capacity to think rationally. By providing rich and varied contexts for pupils to acquire, develop and apply a broad range of knowledge, understanding and skills, the curriculum will enable students to think creatively and critically, to solve problems and to make a difference for the better.

The Academy curriculum aims to promote pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and prepare all pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.

It will promote equal opportunities and enable pupils to challenge discrimination and stereotyping. The Academy's curriculum will promote pupils' self-esteem and emotional well-being and help them to form and maintain worthwhile and satisfying relationships, based on respect for themselves and for others, at home, the Academy, work and in the community. It will develop their ability to relate to others and work for the common good.

The curriculum will provide opportunities to reflect on what it means to be a British and global citizen. The curriculum will explicitly reinforce what it means to be British by developing the values of tolerance, equality, democracy and freedom of speech. We will encourage pupils to engage with communities, faiths and customs form beyond their own experience and challenge injustice, inequality and extreme behaviour when they encounter it.

The curriculum will take into account that children and young people through the internet and social media have access to ideas, information and ideology which could place them at risk of harm. Our curriculum will promote discussion of sensitive topics, including terrorism and the extremist ideas that are part of terrorist ideology, and learn how to challenge these ideas.

Special Educational Needs

Our curriculum is inclusive by design and gives every pupil, regardless of their individual learning need, the opportunity to access a full timetable and benefit from great learning experiences.  All staff are aware of individual learning needs and use a range of strategies to promote engagement and ensure progress so that SEND learners are not disadvantaged.  Closing the attainment gap between SEND pupils and their peers is a priority at Huish Episcopi, and staff work very hard to know their pupils specific needs and how best to support them in their learning.

Pupil Premium

A significant number of our pupils are in receipt of the Pupil Premium grant and deserve the same opportunities and experiences as their peers.  Closing the attainment gap between PP students and their peers is another significant priority at Huish Episcopi.  All staff are aware of who these pupils are and what specific needs they might have, so that appropriate intervention and support can be put in place in a timely manner.  We expect teachers to monitor the work of Pupil Premium students regularly and closely and to liaise with colleagues and parents / carers to ensure these pupils are receiving the support they need to succeed. 


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