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Student Work for Teachers' Strike Day - 2nd March

Student Work for Teachers' Strike Day

Thursday 2nd March 2023

Please find links below to the work we would like all Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students to complete at home on Thursday  2nd March 2023. The KS3 lessons are from ‘Oak Academy’ and the KS4 lessons are from 'Seneca' and 'BBC Bitesize' and all lessons correspond to the Academy’s curriculum. To enable completion of the work and provide structure, we recommend students stick to the timings of the school day.

We would like all students to complete an hour each of the core subjects (English, maths and science) as well as either history or geography (Years 7 and 8 will do history, Year 9 will do geography and Year 10 students will do the one they are studying for GCSE).  We recommend moving on to the next subject after an hour, even if the work hasn't been completed. Students can then use the fifth hour to complete any unfinished work from earlier in the day.

If the lesson involves a topic a student has already done in class they should still complete it as it will give them an opportunity to revise and secure their existing learning.

Please note, we are not able to ask staff to mark and review work under the conditions of industrial action.

Strike Day Lesson Resource Links

Year 7

English – Creative Writing: Memoir

Lesson 1 (What is memoir writing)

Maths – Different number systems

Lessons 1 (writing numbers in different bases)

Science – Cells

Lesson 1 (Energy stores and transfers)

History – Which sources reveal the most about medieval peasants?

Lesson 1 (Medieval lives in Domesday Book)


Year 8

English – Introduction to poetry

Lesson 1

Maths – Ratio

Lesson 1 (Groups)

Science – Atoms and the periodic table

Lesson 2 (compounds)

History – Elizabeth I

Lesson 2 (Who were Elizabeth I's 'Sea Dogs'?)


Year 9

English – Language Skills: Non-fiction Writing

Lesson 3 (What makes an effective introduction and conclusion?)

Maths – Finance

Lesson 3 (Savings)

Science – Energy

Lesson 8 (Energy in the home)

Geography – Energy Resources

Please write down answers to the questions at the end of each section.


Year 10

English – Power and Conflict Poetry

Exposure – Wilfred Owen (work through the ‘revise’ section then do the ‘test’ section)

Maths – Foundation/Core: Subtracting mixed numbers

Maths – Higher: Histograms

Science – All tiers of entry - Osmosis

Geography – The Challenge of natural hazards

History – Medieval Britain c1250 – c1500

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