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Our Academy consists of almost 1500 learners with 215 students in Huish Sixth. Set in the heart of the beautiful Somerset levels we have a catchment area of approximately 200 sq miles and work with 11 partner primary schools within our Community Learning Partnership.

As an Academy we are consistently oversubscribed with large numbers of pupils joining us from beyond our catchment area.

We have a staff of almost 200 teachers and support staff with 98 teachers split across a range of faculties and departments. Larger faculties include Mathematics, English, Science and Modern Languages while other areas such as the Arts and Humanities are based on smaller departments.

Within our structures we have Progress Leaders in Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Post-16 who are responsible for the monitoring of standards and ensuring that every pupil makes the maximum amount of progress. These Progress Leaders are supported by Student Support Workers, who much like a triage nurse in a hospital, will offer an immediate service and then refer students on for more serious issues such as safeguarding. The heart of our pastoral system is based around the Student Services Hub which also houses our Parent and Family Support Adviser, Counsellor and Attendance Officer.

We are very conscious that many of our pupils will be joining from smaller primary schools, and so we have a very well established transition programme to support pupils who join our Academy.  Pupils meet their tutor every morning and afternoon to "touch base" as well as check planners and undertake a variety of learning activities within our Extra Curriculum Time programme.

Huish Episcopi Academy has an excellent reputation and is recognised as a place where all pupils are inspired and challenged to go beyond what they ever thought was possible for them both in terms of academic standards and experiences beyond the classroom.

This is reflected in our belief that developing rounded individuals who are not only academically successful, but who also have opportunities to develop other key skills, such as leadership, teamwork and communication, which will give them the edge when it comes to future challenges.

This continues to be very important within Huish Sixth where both employment and university places depend on being able to rise above the rest. We believe in offering "results plus" so that great academic outcomes alongside a host of memorable learning experiences combine to produce an individual student with great attributes such as aspiration, leadership, empathy and confidence alongside fantastic academic achievements.

In addition to the great learning and social environment within Huish Sixth we are able to offer a highly experienced team of teachers and support staff with a great track record of achieving the very best results possible for students.

We believe that Huish Sixth, with approximately 215 students, is large enough to offer a very broad curriculum to meet a wide range of abilities supported by a huge number of artistic, sporting and other enrichment opportunities. Equally though Huish Sixth is small enough to get to know students as people, to understand their aspirations and educational needs so that we can ensure they get a personalised package of challenge and support.


The name 'Huish Episcopi' derives from the lands or household ("huish" from the Old English hiwisc) and episcopi meaning belonging to the Bishop of Wells. The bishops held the manor area of Langport and its environs from Saxon times until 1859.

The origins of the academy can be traced back to 6th December 1675 when the original grammar school foundation was created by Will of Thomas Gillett.



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