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Department: Art and Design

Curriculum Intention: To develop creative and independent learners through engagement with the visual arts.

Curriculum Implementation:

At Key stage 3 students learn a variety of key skills and techniques through themed projects which they then revisit and build on as they go through school. They develop skills in drawing and painting, 3D making and construction, sketchbook layout and presentation along with an understanding of Artist’s work and the relevance of these skills.

At Key stage 4 this work continues with students making choices about their learning and developing the confidence to select ideas through their major projects. For the GCSE, students need to present work from 3 different projects showing how their learning has developed and how they have refined their ideas leading to final outcomes.

The final mark is based on 60% coursework and 40% controlled test.

We use the AQA Art and Design syllabus which you can find on their website,

At Key stage 5 students start with a short foundation skills course introduction. This allows them to try materials, ideas and skills that they may want to revisit or improve and to extend previous knowledge. Year 12 is a series of short projects which help students to decide on a direction and focus for their year 13 personal project. We work with our students to ensure that they select topics that allow them to reach their potential.

Students are working towards greater independence and learning is guided and supported allowing students to develop confidently. Their final submission is a coursework Personal Study Portfolio and Essay of their choice and a controlled test set by AQA. These make up 60% and 40% of the overall mark. AQA website,


Monitoring and assessing curriculum impact

As a Department we assess all KS3 students work through their sketchbooks with supporting evidence from student voice and short end of topic tests. Projects are adjusted regularly to ensure that they meet the needs of all students and to take account of feedback.

At KS4 and KS5 the students work is assessed against the AQA specification and mark scheme, we update and refine projects and Schemes of work in light of examiners reports and feedback.




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