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Tutor groups and pastoral care - COVID19 temporary measures.

Due to the requirement to maintain pupils in year group ‘bubbles’ unfortunately we will not be able to operate the normal vertical house tutor groups. Instead, pupils will be placed in year based tutor groups during this period of restriction. Details of groups and form rooms will be sent to pupils prior to September.

The Heads of House will temporarily assume responsibility for a year group each as follows:

  • Year 7 – Mrs Robinson
  • Year 8 – Mr Walby
  • Year 9 – Mr Wood
  • Year 10 – Mr Short
  • Year 11 – Miss Mason

Heads of Year will still be based in the House office, but will also make themselves available in the Year group teaching areas along with other members of pastoral support staff during the day so that pupils will have access to a member of staff should they need to raise an issue. We would ask that parents contact the appropriate temporary Head of Year rather than their Head of House during this time.

 Communication sent to Parent(s)/Carer(s) regarding plans for September.

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