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Free School Meal (FSM) information can be found here

COVID-19 Procedure for ordering lunch.

Our procedure for ordering school lunches is set out below. 

Now that we have established our daily routines within school we have identified the capacity within our catering team to provide more packed lunches on a daily basis.  Pupils bringing in their own food has been much appreciated in these early days, but we are now able to encourage you to use of our in-house facility to provide this service.  

We are also investigating ways in which we can deliver hot food whilst maintaining the integrity of the year group bubbles, so will keep you updated as these plans evolve. Please note that some hot snacks will be available from 28 September.

Please ensure that your child has money on their cashless catering account to cover items ordered. Cashless catering accounts can be topped up on Wisepay.  If you require login details for Wisepay please contact

Ordering Procedure:

Lunch will be in the form of a bagged meal which you will need to order online.  Please note that when completing the order form  all items on the menu have their own unique order number (between 1 and 29) as identified on the menu. Lunch menus will be updated weekly and posted here.

The following Meal Deals are available:

Meal Deal 1: £2.40 - Sandwich, cake and drink (bottle of fizzy or plain water)
Meal Deal 2: £2.20 - Small baguette, cake and drink (bottle of plain water)

Please add the required items to your order and you will be automatically charged the Meal Deal price.

Meals will be prepared, named and delivered to the allocated social areas at lunch time.  Lunch orders will need to be submitted prior to 8.30am each morning.

As a reminder, break and lunch times for pupils will be spent in an allocated social area for each year group ‘bubble’ as detailed earlier (please see the letters home section of the website). Pupils will not be allowed to move between social areas at any time. No food or drink will be available from the canteen during morning break (pupils will be expected to bring their own water and snacks), but water will be available in each of the teaching zones throughout the day (additional water coolers have been installed within each teaching zone).

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