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A practical, engaging and challenging course. Across the two years you will create your own original work, design and stage scripts whilst developing confidence, teamwork and performance skills. The course balances the study of scripts and theatre evaluation with practical exploration and creating.

For all practical performance exams students can opt to be assessed as a design candidate and instead of performing focus on stage design, costume, sound or lighting.

The GCSE is made up of three components:

Component One: Devising - Internally examined

Students will work in groups to devise and perform their own performance based on a thought-provoking stimulus.

Students will be required to keep a reflective portfolio on the devising process, they will answer seven questions which ask them to analyse and evaluate their process and performance. This will be finalised as a word document or video recorded response.

Component Two: Scripted Performance – Externally examined

Students will learn, rehearse and perform two extracts from a given play.

These will be performed either working in small groups or as a monologue/duologue.

Component Three: Theatre Makers in Practice - A final written exam. The exam is 1 hour 45 minutes and there are two sections:

Section A: Set Text

Students are required to practically explore a set text, considering the play in three ways: as a performer, as a director and as a designer. During the exploration/preparation process for this component, students may perform extracts from the play as part of a GCSE Showcase Evening. Within the final exam students will answer questions on an unseen extract from the set text. Students will answer the questions from the perspective of performer, director and designer.

Section B: Live Theatre Evaluation

As part of the course we will take students to watch some live theatre. Within the final exam the students will answer two questions on the live performance they have seen.

Students may take their notes into the exam for this section


The course is as much about developing the positive qualities of a person as it is about the study of dramatic art. This course would suit students who have a passion for Drama/Performing Arts and/or a desire to learn further about theatre craft and practice. It is also well suited to those wishing to generally develop their confidence, collaboration and ‘presentation/interview’ skills. Drama is a fantastic opportunity to have an ‘out of your seat’ practical lesson and is great for balancing out more academic subjects. Drama also supports other creative subjects such as music.

If you enjoy working practically, collaboratively, independently, analytically and in a vibrant, supportive and active environment then GCSE Drama is the course for you.


The chance for involvement in many diverse performance evenings, drama productions, visiting professional performances/workshops and theatre visits.


Drama is accredited as an academic subject which is rigorous and thorough in its approach to analysing and contextualising textual and practical experiences. Due to the diverse range of transferable skills which the course offers, employers and universities praise Drama students for their ability to exhibit self-awareness, presentation skills, confidence, public speaking ability, team work and collaborative skills.

We have a fantastic success rate for our students going on to further education in the performing arts - be that at university, drama school or starting their own companies - becoming actors, directors and/or designers. Students who take Drama also progress into law; business; events management; film and media; marketing; teaching; medicine and caring to name but a few.

If you are thinking of following any profession where having the ability to: motivate others, present oneself positively, be analytical, be self-aware, work as part of a team, problem solve, lead (and  many more) then Drama should be the choice of course for you.

Want to find out more?  Please don’t hesitate to come and speak with Ms Stephens or Ms Moll.


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