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History is an exciting opportunity to study a thematic course looking at how countries have been created by change from within.

Year 12

Unit 1: The Early Stuarts and the Origins of the Civil War 1603-1660 -  You will study the causes and the course and outcome of the First Civil War and

a focus topic on the execution of Charles I and the Interregnum.

Unit 2: The French Revolution and the rule of Napoleon 1774-1815 - You will study the causes, course and outcome of the French Revolution and the dramatic rise to power of Napoleon, the nature of his rule and the reasons for his fall.

Assessment - Two examinations each worth 50% of the final mark. Unit 1 is an essay paper and Unit 2 is based on the interpretation of historical sources.

Year 13

Unit 3: Civil rights in the USA 1865-1992 - You will study the struggle faced by citizens, including African Americans, Native Americans and women in the United States, to gain equality before the law. There will be

in-depth studies on Civil Rights 1875-95, the New Deal and Civil Rights and Malcolm X and Black Power.

Unit 4: Topic Based Essay - This is the coursework element of the A Level ; you will complete a personal historical investigation based on using a range of sources and interpretations and the essay will require students to develop an understanding of how historians work. The topic focus this year is based around the English Civil War, the French Revolution and a short taught course on the Russian Revolution. Students will choose their own individual studies within these topics.

Assessment - Unit 3 counts for 60% of the A2 marks and is assessed by a 2 hour exam.

Unit 4 accounts for the other 40% and is internally assessed coursework made up of two parts; there will be an element of student choice in the focus of one of the enquiry questions.

Extending Your Experience

We intend to offer some day visits to London to enhance the study of work in Unit 1. With the Art Department we will offer a five day visit to Paris and Versailles to enhance our studies for Unit 2. We will offer other visits as and when exhibitions and sites are appropriate.

Why Should I Study this Course?

If you enjoy the study of the past, both for its own sake and also for the light it throws on the present, then History A Level is for you. The study of History trains you to select relevant information, assess the validity of an argument, think and write logically, make informed judgements about controversial issues and present a well-ordered case backed by supporting evidence, thereby equipping you for a wide variety of careers. History is considered a worthwhile A level subject for entry to almost all degree courses. The A Level History course will furthermore provide those applying for predominantly scientific courses with academic breadth.



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