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Welcoming and assisting all learners, Huish Episcopi Academy Library is a vital resource supporting the curriculum and also providing reading for pleasure. Open from 8.30am – 4.30pm, it can seat over 60 students and is used for a whole range of events; from author visits and debates to reading awards and visits from our local junior schools. 

Resources in the library include a wide range of genres, text types, and different media. There are over 7000 books and access to magazines, newspapers, graphic novels and online resources.  

The Library also provides a safe environment where students are encouraged to step up and take the lead or work in a group with others. Many students volunteer to become Student Library Staff and are actively involved in offering peer recommendations, selecting resources and planning library events. 

The Academy Library plays an important role in preparing students to live and learn in a world of information, helping them realise their potential as informed citizens and to acquire an appreciation for the value of literature. 

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