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Department: Maths

Curriculum Intention:

For the students at HEA to be the very best Mathematicians that they can be. So that when they leave their education with us they are able to; consider, make connections and articulate the mathematical processes required in all contexts of real life. 

To provide quality first teaching that ensures students understand underlying Mathematical principles and can apply them in a variety of familiar and unfamiliar contexts where students will be actively encouraged to make connections between ideas and topics allowing them to fully understand why they are doing, not just learn by rote. Students will be able to consider their answers carefully and be able to identify errors and make appropriate adjustments and will embrace the challenge of attaining the correct solution.

To provide the more able mathematicians with opportunities to extend their mathematical experiences beyond the GCSE curriculum. Through additional GCSEs in Statistics (year 10) and Further Maths (top set students only) students will gain a greater insight into the world of mathematics and will leave with a solid foundation to go on to study the subject at a higher level.

In the sixth form these intentions continue with ensuring students that choose to study Maths leave HEA with higher level mathematical skills that can be applied in any context.

Curriculum Implementation:

  • At KS3: When students join us in year 7 they are initially put into mixed ability groups. This allows time to settle and for all students to have similar experiences of mathematical teaching before being assessed and placed in sets for the remainder of their time at HEA. In years 7 and 8 they have 7 lessons a fortnight. All students follow exactly the same scheme of work but with higher sets working at a slightly faster pace and subsequently in greater depth on some topics. In year 9 students have 6 periods a fortnight and start their preparation for GCSE Maths. At the end of year 9 students are assessed and put into sets appropriate for their potential tier of entry at GCSE. Regular review of sets is undertaken to ensure that students are working in the set most befitting their current ability. All students are given two books: a “best book” in which to write notes and model answers to all topics and a “practice book” in which they can feel safe in making mistakes as they practice their newly developed skills. This continues at KS4.
  • At KS4 all students have 8 hours a fortnight and follow a scheme of work appropriate to either a Higher or Foundation tier of entry. All students are entered for Edexcel 1MA1 GCSE in Mathematics at the end of year 11. At Higher tier the grades available are 3-9. At Foundation tier the grades available are 1-5 Maths GCSE | Edexcel GCSE Mathematics (2015) | Pearson qualifications

In year 10 Students in sets 1 and 2 are offered the opportunity to take GCSE statistics through after school lessons and top set students are also entered for Level 2 Certificate in Further Maths in year 11 alongside their standard GCSE. AQA | Mathematics | AQA Certificate | Level 2 Further Mathematics

  • At KS5 we offer A levels in Maths and Further Maths. We enter students for the Edexcel exam Pearson Edexcel AS and A level Mathematics (2017) | Pearson qualifications. We also offer a one-year course in Level 3 Core Maths – Maths in Context for students that want to continue with Maths at a higher level but do not wish to take it as one of their A level options. All courses are delivered in 8 hours a fortnight with an additional hour assigned as a subject specific study period.

Monitoring and assessing curriculum impact:

  • KS3 - regular assessment in the form of topic tests and termly assessments means that we are confident that students are in the correct sets in order to achieve their best possible outcome.
  • KS4 The Department’s results at all levels and for all qualifications is a clear indication of the success of this Department.  Maths residual consistently indicates that students achieve higher grades in Maths compared to their other subjects.
  • KS5 Maths continues to be a very popular option in KS5 with consistently two classes being run for A level Maths. We also continue to have healthy take up for A level Further Maths comparative to other sixth forms. An ALPS score of 3 in A level Maths and grade 2 in Core Maths indicates that our success continues in the sixth Form.

We are encouraging sixth form students to develop additional skills by offering them the opportunity to support students in KS3 with their Maths.


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