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French GCSE is assessed by 4 examinations: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing and translation and finally a 10-minute speaking test. The marks are awarded equally for all 4 skills. These exam skills are exactly the same as those practised in Years 7 to 9, so students need not fear them!


Students can be entered for either foundation or higher exams at the end of the two-year course. All exams will be sat in the June 2021 examination series.


There are four exams each with equal weighting:

  • Paper 1: Listening (25%)
  • Paper 2: Speaking (25%)
  • Paper 3: Reading (25%)
  • Paper 4: Writing (25%)


For full details please visit the website below:


French GCSE is a fascinating course that really engages learners, preparing them both for the everyday aspects of using French to communicate, whilst giving them the passion and skills to take French even further. The course hones their language skills and complements their study of other GCSE subjects brilliantly, showing students how manipulating language can be both fun and rewarding, whether in French or English. The new GCSE also really pushes the inter-cultural aspect of learning a foreign language, and introduces students to literary texts and films from French culture.



French GCSE suits ALL kinds of learners. It has the academic rigour to really challenge the most able students, but at the same time its focus on every day, practical language makes it accessible and useful to all. There are few things more satisfying than realising you can actually COMMUNICATE with a foreign person in their own language, whether on holiday or simply in an online forum on Social Media. Learning in a GCSE French classroom is never boring, with a huge variety of activities, teaching methods and opportunities, so if you are a learner who likes variety and challenge, French is for you. Essentially, if you are thinking of going to one of the best universities in the UK, a language is certainly a must-have. As an essential part of our multi-cultural world and international world of work, as a rule of thumb you should be thinking “If I can do a language, I certainly should!”


Our GCSE students are offered the opportunities to get ever more involved with the events run by the department, acting as language Ambassadors who pitch in with younger years, or helping out on Open Evenings. We are also looking to enter our students or national translation and language competitions, such is the talent which is regularly unearthed!


If you are looking to study at one of the top universities, French or another language is a must-have. Equally, to stand out in our current global and increasingly competitive workplace, a language to at least GCSE (and hopefully A Level) really sets you apart from the crowd. Overall, French is both an academic feather in your cap, and a practical vocational skill that could make all the difference in your future. One of the most common educational themes amongst adults is, “I wish I had learnt a language at school”, so make sure YOU do not miss out on this opportunity!

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