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Our Vision

Welcome to the Physical Education department. We are a forward thinking and ambitious department who strive for excellence. Our vision is to provide a first-class Physical Education curriculum that inspires all of our students to engage and succeed in competitive sport and other activities. We aim to develop the resilience, confidence and leadership capacity of our learners, who can work both independently and as part of a team. We hope that our curriculum will develop a life-long interest and passion for sport and physical activity. Our vision is simplified through our motto ‘Inspire – Compete – Succeed’.

At the bottom of this page is our mapped out ‘PE Learning Journey’ from years 7 to 13. Please download this document to view it without any formatting issues.

The Core PE Curriculum

One of the major strengths of the PE curriculum is our desire to engage all students in sport and physical activity, no matter their ability. As students progress through each year, their curriculum becomes more tailored to their needs. In year 7, students follow a broad and balanced curriculum. This becomes more personalised in years 8 and 9, before allowing students the option to pick from 1 of 3 distinct pathways in years 10 and 11. Further information on KS3 & 4 core PE is detailed below.

The KS3 Core Curriculum   

The intent at Key Stage 3 is to develop both Physical Competency and Personal Development. The curriculum looks to; develop skills and tactics, instil the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, the importance of wellbeing and preparing them with the characteristics for future employability.

With Huish attracting students from a range of primary schools, with a varying exposure to sport, it is important that the curriculum gives breadth. In year 7, students will experience a range of activities that include; swimming, hockey, rugby and netball, to name but a few. Throughout the year, students are assessed and are usually placed into sets at the end of the year.

In years 8 and 9, classes will follow a more personalised curriculum, which is tailored towards the individual interests of the class. Top sets follow a competitive route, focusing on traditional sports and the development of Physical Competency. In comparison, second sets have followed an alternative sports pathway, focusing on their Personal Development.

In addition, 'My Greatest Achievement' is a strategy designed to encourage students to actively take part in physical activity beyond timetabled lessons, and to celebrate their success. The aim of My Greatest Achievement is to:

  • Develop and apply life skills that will support them to flourish in PE, school, and life.
  • Improve health and wellbeing and personal skills.
  • Grow understanding of working with others.
  • Create opportunities, overcome challenges, and make choices.
  • Increase their potential achievement and readiness for life.

At the beginning of year 7, students will have access through their Google Classroom to a variety of challenges. These feature a diverse range of physical activities, including Outdoor and Adventurous Activities. Students can attempt these challenges across the three years, aiming to meet the criteria for the gold award.

The KS4 Core Curriculum

In years 10 and 11, we are fortunate that all our students still receive 4 x 1-hour lessons of PE a fortnight. In order to help our students develop the physical literacy needed for life-long physical activity, we work with them to ensure the pathways they follow throughout each year are personalised. Therefore, at the start of year 10, students opt into 1 of 3 distinct pathways; Competitive Sport, Fit for Life, or Personal Growth. All students, no matter the pathway, will have the opportunity to use the swimming pool (subject to availability), and all students will spend at least 8 lessons completing fitness testing and designing their own Personal Exercise Programme which is then implemented in the fitness suite. In year 10, all students take part in a range of athletic activities to prepare them for Sports Day. In year 11, all students have the opportunity to take part in mindfulness activities in order to equip them with the skills needed to cope with exam stress. 

In the Competitive Sport pathway, students take part in some of the sports they have already experienced at KS3, and some, such as water polo, will be completely new. The emphasis of this pathway is on developing Physical Competency which is delivered through a mainly games-based approach to learning. Advanced skills and key strategic and tactical concepts for performance are taught, as well as encouraging students to evaluate and improve their performance. Personal Development is also an important part of the Competitive Sport Pathway. Health and wellbeing (with an emphasis on improving fitness and conditioning to affect performance), character building and developing leadership capacity all feature.

In the Fit for Life pathway, students take part in a range of fitness activities which they would find in a Leisure Centre or private gym franchise environment. We are incredibly fortunate to have staff which are trained to teach Pump, Cycle Fit, and Exercise to Music. Other activities include circuit training (including HIIT and plyometric training), yoga, stretch and balance, sport specific fitness (such as Football Fitness) and Boot Camp. This pathway also includes a unit on Outdoor and Adventurous Activities, so that students can develop their teamwork and problem-solving skills. The main aim of the Fit for Life pathway is on Personal Development, namely health and wellbeing, and building character such as resilience and confidence.   

In the Personal Growth pathway, students have the opportunity to take part in both traditional sports, such as hockey and rounders, as well as alternative sports, such as handball, VX (Rock-it-ball), and short tennis. Students also have the opportunity to take part in a Lifesaving unit within the swimming pool. This unit runs alongside a First Aid unit, whereby students can learn basic First Aid within a classroom environment. The emphasis of the Personal Growth pathway is on Personal Development - improving health and wellbeing, leadership capacity and character building (resilience, independence, confidence, teamwork and problem-solving). In order to facilitate the development of these skills, students are encouraged to take on a variety of roles, such as captain, coach, official, and player. 

Assessment in KS3 & 4 Core PE

At KS3, students are assessed through 2 strands; Physical Competency and Personal Development. Each strand has 3 Key Concepts; Physical Competency (Replication of Skills, Outwitting Opponents/Decision Making, and Evaluating and Improving); Personal Development (Leadership, Character, Health and Well-being).  Students will be assessed in these 6 Key Concepts across a variety of sporting activities throughout years 7-9, with each activity having a clear Physical Competency and/or Personal Development focus. This assessment structure continues into KS4 Core PE, with students being assessed on Key Concepts which are relevant to the pathway they have chosen in years 10 and 11.

Students will receive formative assessment within their lessons, to help aid improvement within the activity. Students will be able to receive a summative assessment termly, through their access to Google Classroom. This will inform them of how to improve within each strand. The assessment grids for both KS3 and KS4 are attached below.

Academic PE (KS4 & 5)

Just like with core PE, we again pride ourselves on offering pathways to students should they choose to study Academic PE. In years 10 and 11, students have the option to choose either the vocational OCR Cambridge National in Sport Science or OCR GCSE Physical Education. This trend continues into Huish Sixth, where students can choose to study OCR Cambridge Technical in Sport and Physical Activity (single and double award), or OCR A Level Physical Education. Our uptake for courses is high and students on the whole perform very well.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are highly important at the Academy and all students are encouraged to become involved. The department runs clubs and activities for all abilities in a diverse range of sports. We run a significant number of successful competitive teams, which enter local, county and national competitions.

The Physical Education department also offers students the opportunity to achieve the prestigious Sport Leaders Award at KS3 & 4. This award enables students to develop skills such as organisation, communication and teamwork. These skills enable our students to organise and lead small games and activities in the local community, whilst helping build their confidence and self-esteem. 


Numerous trips run throughout the year and include; Wimbledon, Exeter Chiefs, an annual ski trip, and Academic PE trips to The University of Bath Human Performance Centre.

Awarding Success

We understand the importance of awarding success, which comes in many forms. It may be that students are exceptional sports performers, or, they may be less talented but highly committed which we value equally. The department awards success in many ways; postcards home, house points, a shoutout on twitter and Facebook, full colours (leading to a sports tie), half colours and an annual Sports Awards Evening. 

A final word….

We hope that students enjoy their time within the PE department at Huish and continue to develop a love of sport and physical activity throughout their lives.

Tracy Rose

Head of Physical Education


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