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Students have to sit a 1 hour and 15-minute written exam, comprised of short answer questions and 1 extended answer question. The paper is on ‘Reducing the risk of sports injuries and dealing with common medical conditions’. The exam is worth 40 % of the final grade. The remaining 60% of the course consists of two course work based units. These are; ‘Applying the principles of training; Fitness and how it affects skill performance’, and ‘The body’s response to physical activity, and how technology informs this’. Students will be assessed on written assignments and awarded either a pass, merit or distinction.


Elite sport has embraced Sport Science disciplines wholeheartedly in the past few decades, moving from a perspective which assumed the primacy of natural talent in producing outstanding performance to one which considers every minute detail of an athlete’s training programme, environment and psychology in the pursuit of excellence. The Cambridge National in Sport Science offers learners the opportunity to study fitness principles, sports technology, the human body and factors that influence injury.

You need to be organised and able to adhere to deadlines since the course is assessed predominantly through coursework. Students can track their progress throughout the course, allowing them to understand where they are in their learning and areas of development. This process leads to students achieving beyond their expectations.


The ideal candidate will have a keen interest in sport and exercise. Students do not need to be great sports performers themselves but should watch sports regularly, participate in sport and know aspects of fitness. A basic understanding of ICT is essential. They need to be able to take on board advice of their teacher to improve their work.


Students will visit the University of Bath Human Performance Centre to see the Olympic level facilities and use these to be fitness tested by experts. Students will also participate in a Personal Fitness Programme using Academy facilities.


Students can go on to study the Cambridge Technical in Sport or A Level PE at the Academy. The Cambridge National is a great grounding for anyone hoping to coach or teach sport in any capacity in the future.

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