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Ever wondered why people conform or how much of an influence early childhood has on adult behaviours? Psychology is the study of people; how they think, how they act, how they react and interact, so studying psychology will enable you to be aware of these and other questions. You will learn a variety of skills including analytical thinking, problem solving and how to evaluate.

This course would suit anyone who is interested in human behaviour. If you want to work with people then this may be the course for you. Those who study psychology go on to study the subject at university, as well as to train to become teachers, social workers, nurses, policemen, the list is endless!

This is a two-year course, consisting of three final year exams. Each exam is two hours long. Topics studied include memory, attachment, psychopathology, biological psychology, forensic psychology, cognition and development and schizophrenia. There are opportunities to run psychological experiments throughout the two years and to apply the theory learned in the classroom to real life situations.

Students are taught evaluation skills which can be used in any exam situation.

Extending Your Experience

Students have attended university-style conferences and lectures from university professors. Guest speakers have also been invited in. Students have also been given the opportunity to see first hand, the implications of conformity and obedience of Nazi Germany during a visit to concentration camps in Poland.

Entry Requirements:

You will require a GCSE pass in Science at grade 5 or above, although in exceptional circumstances we will consider other candidates.

Where will this course take me?

Studying Psychology opens lots of doors to future careers. It is a good basis for many of the caring professions such as Social Work, Nursing and Psychology or Counselling. It is also useful if you wish to pursue a Teaching career or to work in Business areas such as Personnel Management or Advertising. Psychology is after all about understanding people and what makes them tick. It would prepare you well for any job dealing with people.

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