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This course incorporates a range of traditional and modern textiles techniques and specialisms and builds on experience and skills developed at GCSE level and is designed to enable students to explore many ranges of processes, medias and techniques within textile design.

You can choose to study from the following/or a combination of the following specialisms: Fashion and costume design, digitally or traditionally printed and dyed textiles, constructed textiles, accessories, installed and interior textiles.

You will also have opportunities to experiment with felt making, printing, embellishments, fabric manipulation, woven textiles, dying, machine and hand embroidery skills. This range is also increasing as new materials and technologies emerge.

The first term of the Year 12 course will focus on work that shows exploration using a variety of materials and textiles techniques. Students will focus on personal research based on a theme or starting point that will develop ideas and techniques appropriate to chosen specialist areas before moving to the second half producing more focused project work. They will also demonstrate the ability to prepare, plan and relate responses from a chosen starting point.

In Year 13 this course allows students to further develop skills used in the first year and specialise in a particular textile field.

Component 1: (Total 60% of A level, 120 marks)

- Personal Investigation: This has two integrated elements: A major in depth critical, practical and theoretical investigation project with outcomes based on themes and subject matter that have a personal significance.

An extended written element which must relate to practical and theoretical work.

Component 2: (Total 40% of A level 80 marks) - Externally set assignment: Students are expected to choose one starting point from the question paper, then generate appropriate work for submission. Work will demonstrate the ability to prepare, plan and relate responses from a chosen starting point with a final 15- hour exam to produce a final outcome.

Extending Your Experience

This course will be based within the Sixth Form Centre, in a modern studio space, with access to specialist textiles equipment and exhibition spaces. Students will have the opportunity to use equipment within the DT/ Textiles areas to extend and develop their knowledge and skills. We also plan study trips nationally and locally, to visit galleries, museums and exhibitions.

Entry Requirements:

The course requires students to have achieved a grade 5 or higher at GCSE Textiles or Art, but we will consider any motivated and enthusiastic student. You do not have to have studied Textiles at GCSE to take this course.

Where will this course take me?

The course will provide students with choices and support aspirations in order for them to follow their chosen progression route through to higher education or the workplace. The course supports careers in many areas of fashion and interior design, Textile Designer, Fashion, Interior, Gift Products, Shoe, Accessory Designer, Stylist, Teaching, Fashion Journalist, Photographer, Theatre/Costume Designer, or jobs in the fashion retail industry.

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