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Dear Parent/Carer

I know that the move from primary to 'big school' can seem frightening.  If anything it can seem more intimidating for the parents than the children.  Children are very used to change; adults less so.

It is important to know that most children take this transition in their stride. They will be very tired after a few weeks and there is sometimes a dip when it sinks in that they are not going back to primary but the vast majority are happy and settle very quickly.

I know that many of you will have been used to having regular contact with primary staff. There is no need to feel that this has to stop as soon as the children reach secondary school – though inevitably they will gradually feel more confident to speak to the teachers themselves.

If you have any worries at all in the transition period, then do feel free to contact me at

I am looking forward to working with you and your children to ensure a smooth transition into this exciting new phase of their life.

Yours sincerely,

Elizabeth Robinson




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