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Welcome to Huish Episcopi Sixth Form, where our core values of respect, ambition and resilience guide your journey towards academic excellence and personal growth.

At Huish Episcopi Sixth Form, we hold ourselves to high expectations and we expect the same from you. In return, we provide you with a learning environment characterised by the highest quality teaching, outstanding facilities and a caring and supportive community. Our commitment extends beyond the taught curriculum, offering a wide array of social and enrichment activities which ensures that students are fully prepared to apply for aspirational universities, apprenticeships or jobs once they complete their studies at Huish Sixth.

Our dedicated teachers support our sixth form students both academically and pastorally. We know the aspirations of each student are different and our tutoring and pastoral systems will ensure that your needs are fully met.  We're dedicated to nurturing your self-confidence and independence, equipping you with the vigour and enthusiasm needed to approach your studies, not only during your time with us but also as you journey through life. Sixth form study is undeniably demanding, requiring resilience, unwavering commitment, and unwavering determination.

Your role as a sixth form student is crucial. You bear the responsibility of working diligently, both during lessons and in your independent study time and active participation in the Huish Sixth community is not just encouraged, but essential.  We foster collaboration between you and the Huish Sixth team, which includes your tutors, Head of Year, dedicated teachers and our careers advisor. Together, we'll empower you to realise your full potential. We urge you to set ambitious goals and strive for the highest possible outcomes, knowing that we stand beside you, providing unwavering support every step of the way.

Finally, take time to read and think about your curriculum choices. The decision you are about to make is a serious one and as such, requires due consideration. Students applying from both Huish Episcopi Academy and any other school are more than welcome to arrange a visit of our sixth form and a meeting to discuss choices further.


Tel: 01458 250 501

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