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Dear Families,

Welcome to Huish Sixth and thank you for taking the time to visit our website. At Huish Sixth I believe we can offer a unique opportunity to study A-Levels and Level 3 vocational subjects in an environment that captures the very best that further education can offer, whilst preserving and extending the very personal support that I believe essential in helping all students achieve the outcomes they deserve.

Central to my philosophy of what sixth form life should entail is the idea that students must develop their own character as fully-rounded young adults, treating those around them with understanding and kindness whilst making a personal contribution to the wider social and academic fabric of Huish Sixth. I also believe that personal development is an absolute necessity in order to prepare for life in the wider world and we offer a bespoke PSHE programme alongside our A-Level and L3 vocational study that I feel, equips our students with the wider skills needed for life as an adult.

I also expect students to take responsibility for their own learning, use all available study time effectively, and develop a passion for their chosen subjects. In doing so, I believe students will then be able to approach study in a happy, confident and organised manner.

We have a hugely talented and dedicated teaching team, whose passion for their subject and determination to help students achieve is at the forefront of their teaching, we will expect a lot of our students and we will support them all the way through their sixth form journey. Students also have a form tutor who will assist and guide them through careers choices, university applications and so on, further supported by our independent careers adviser.

We also have wonderful facilities here at Huish Sixth, with an abundance of resources including two study rooms with suites of PCs, study classrooms, (classrooms are air-conditioned), laptops that are freely available and a dedicated ‘bring your own device’ wireless network just for students. We have the ‘Sixth Café’, which serves its own fresh meals every day, a purpose-built Artificial Grass Pitch, (which sixth formers can use when available), a leisure centre, with an all-year pool, (sixth formers receive free membership when they join us). Enrichment is led by students themselves who are invited to create ‘societies’ and invite peers to join them. Each new academic year begins with our ‘Freshers’ Fair’ where students can create and consider societies to join.

Finally, I believe that Parents are an important partner in the success of students here at Huish Sixth. I will always take time to inform parents of outstanding work achieved and also of any challenges that may arise, including working on individual academic action plans where required. I will make myself available to both students and parents as often as possible and will do my level best to ensure that all families receive the best care available.

Please feel free to contact me at any time to arrange a visit/tour, or if you have any other queries.

Head of Huish Sixth

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